Questions and Answers

Q. To whom should your loyalty be when selecting a painting contractor?
A. YOURSELF! Your loyalty should be to yourself and your interest-not your friends who might be in business (it’s difficult to mix friends with business)
Q. What should I be looking for when selecting a painter?
A. The company that can provide the best quality and the best service at a competitive price with a job completion time as expected.
Q. How can I determine the best level of quality, service, price, and job completion time?
A. Visit finished jobs, speak with references and find out how long the company has been in business. Unless a company has been operating in the area for a substantial amount of time, guarantees will have very little value.
Q. How long do I know if it’s all right to wait and delay a new paint job, or have it done as soon as possible?
A. Sooner is better than later. Fresh paint not only adds beauty, cleanliness, and value but a coat of paint also preserves and protects the integrity of wood, plaster, metal, and all other surfaces applicable. Ignoring or delaying a needed paint job exposes materials that will eventually rot, decay and need replacements at high costs. Thus, it’s less expensive in the long run to paint as a prevention measure in order to seal valuable materials that constitute your investment . . . YOUR HOME!
Q. How long can I expect a paint job to last?
A. Interior is an easy answer, as long as you desire it to. As for the exterior, the harsh weather of Florida, primarily the heat and humidity, are big factors. A professional job will average between 7-10 years depending if your home is shaded or in full sunlight. The key is to have it professionally power washed once or twice a year.